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McHenry Software LICENSEE News!

Welcome! Last updated Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thank you for your support of McHenry Software!



For Installations Instructions  (page requires login, please register or use login: msmac3D password: version1.20). Includes instructions for new install and update install and notes and additional technical support information

2017: interim software updates.

Jan 9: msmac3D:  wissues with structural nodes (used udring rollovers) not being properly written/saved. FIXED

Jan 3: msmac3D:  when running in 2D the output csv files _v1 & _v2 were not writing t=0.0 FIXED

2016: interim software updates.

Oct 31: mGraphics,msmacgr: Minor update for backward compatibility. An international user encountered an issue with use of comma instead of period in VEH and SCE files (using the IMport DXF). FIXED.  We maintain the old 2D graphics software for backward compatibility. Please give the new Graphics a try!

Aug 20: msmac3D ver 1.96: Preliminary update Installation posted. Help files and additional demos to be added. This will improve the user experience, add new vehicles. See the Prelim List of msmac3D enhancements.

To install pleasee see msmac3D Installation Instructions. (NOTE: page requires login, please register or use login: msmac3D password: version1.20). 

Mar 21: mgraphics: MakeAVI button of Medit3D sends an option to the animation program to automatically create frames and then assemble them into an AVI. The animation program was making duplicate frames. FIXED

Mar 01: msmac08: OUTPUT to CSV (comma delimited files) time can now be to 0.0001 second. Input echos also increased significant digits.

Feb 07: mGraphics,msmacgr: 2D Graphics: SCEne files issue: a change we made to accomodate international users (commas v periods for decimal point) produced an issue with SCE files. FIXED

Jan 27: mGraphics: MakeAVI Button for 2D graphics was not properly creating bmp files. FIXED. See Help->Getting Started->What's New->Make AVI for more information

Jan 26: msmac3D/medit3D version 1.53 full and update installations now posted up. Please see the msmac3D Installations Instructions (NOTE: Use username msmac3d password   version1.20)

Jan 6: mGraphics, msmacgr : Mainly for our international licensees using the 2D graphics: an issue was discovered which can occur sometimes with VEH and SCE files when they include commas instead of periods for decimal places. FIXED. Also added additional logic that now LoadLast command will reload any VEH or SCE files previosuly loaded automatically. Also, the Sa5 and/or sG5 files are no longer required. We will post up a detailed discussion in the near future.

List of 2011 thru 2015 items now moved to  2015 Updates page2014 Updates page, 2013 Updates page   2012 Updates page and   2011 Updates page


 'Information Note: You need to update' message. To get the updates. The tire marks weren't following the trailer once released (a flag being passed to the graphics wasn't being set properly). Fixed. We have also added a 'trailer option' example for users to download. Please see the forum 'Trailer Release Example'

Help->Check Website for current Updates

IMPORTANT: If you have any mission critical cases, do a backup (simply use

medit32->File->Backup Projects and/or Files to ZIP file

To back up the entire project Or alternatively simply use Clone to create a new project that you use/test with the updated software. We always recommend that you save prior work in the event any issues occur due to the update.

Please also frequently check the McHenry Forum for information on the software.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PHONE/e-mail SUPPORT: ALL correspondences between users and McHenry Software are privileged and confidential. We are here to assist you with the use of our software ONLY. No case specific questions. No quoting or paraphrasing things we discuss in deposition or at trial.   If you have a case in which you need our assistance, please see our FEE SCHEDULE. Thank You for your support of McHenry Software!

Sentinel Device


That device attached to your parallel port or USB port is called a 'dongle' or sentinel device. We have added a Dongle Info page to assist you with problems you may have when you re-install or install to a new computer. 

See the Extra Dongles page!


Thank you for your support of McHenry Software!