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The following are other versions of the SMAC program.

Please also see the SMAC Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Before considering the purchase and use of any collision reconstruction software you should obtain complete information on any and all programs available. For that reason you will find our web sites and technical reports include many links and references to other collision reconstruction programs. Your choice should be an informed decision based on knowledge of the state-of-the-art of collision reconstruction software.


McHenry Software worked with VisualStatement to provide an entry level version of SMAC, the msmacFX program.  it is no longer avaiable from Visual Statement. Please let us know if you have any questions.


The EDSMAC program is a PC version of the original NHTSA SMAC program and has been in existence for a number of years. Unfortunately for users, the authors of EDSMAC have either not attempted or been unable to refine any part of the original 20+ year old SMAC program except for minor cosmetic changes to the underlying code and a few enhancements to the DOS-based user interface. 
In the past 7 or so years the activity at Engineering Dynamics appears to have been directed at their Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) Highway Vehicle Environment (HVE) which appears to have appealing advancements in the user interface.

Recently (in 2001), EDC began marketing a Windows based version of their HVE. All users who invested in the SGI version of HVE are were provided the Windows version (apparently support for the SGI version will soon end) An unfortunate decision by EDC is that they did not create any way to use files from the SGI version with the current Windows versions (generally software vendors have an import or conversion routine to allow the use of files from previous versions with the new version). This effectively makes the SGI version of HVE, and any work performed on the SGI version, immediately obsolete.

Some observations on the HVE version of EDSMAC:


The Spring 1996 ARSoftware NOTES newsletter included an announcement for WinSMAC which they stated is an "improved Windows version of the SMAC algorithm that was originally developed for the NHTSA". They further announced that it will be available for $769 by summer 1996. ARSoftware distributes the SLAM program which is a derivative of the CRASH program. The SLAM program, developed by Gordon Bigg, PhD PE, contains the CRASH linear-momentum based solution procedure for collision reconstruction while adding some interesting error analysis techniques. The preliminary announcement of WinSMAC raises some interesting questions: What, if any, changes have they made to the underlying SMAC code to "improve" the program (is it only related to the Windows interface?) and what compiler do they use to generate the executable? (16-bit or 32-bit? Note that a 16-bit compilation will seriously degrade the performance of the program). We will post any additional information as it becomes available.


The original intent in the creation of the original SMAC program was for a 'uniform interpretation of evidence'. The SMAC/m-smac programs are analogous to simulating a full scale test: setup the vehicles, environment and test conditions, and then run the vehicles into each other and view the results.
To highlight some the advantages of the m-smac/m-edit programs:

For more information see the m-smac page, the SMAC features comparison table. the demo page and m-smac Release information

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