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Preliminary Seminar Topics

McHenry Seminar & Training

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Come to the Raleigh/Durham (RDU) area for McHenry Software Training Seminar 2008 at the Corporate Software Training Center The three day training seminar will include in depth topics on accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics and include hands on training in the use of medit32/msmac software and other McHenry Software utilities. For Experienced Users, New Users, Interested parties! Computers and software will be available for use free of charge.
  • General introduction/orientation
    • medit32
    • Overview, quick start
    • Projects files - how to use most effectively
    • Databases - specs and crash test data
    • SMAC Computer Program-
      • History, background, references, comparisons
        • RICSAC validations
        • Other validations
        • Creating the basis for admission to court
      • Creating a new m-smac file
        • Step by step setup menu
        • The Wizard
        • How to effectively and efficiently use m-smac
      • Stiffness inputs -
        • step by step calculation procedures
  • Other topics
    • DXF/CAD drawings
      • importing, utilizing, vehicle and scene drawings
    • SNAG - impulsive constraints
      • what is it? when and how to use
    • TIRMU - changing the effective friction of individual wheels
      • what is it? when and how to use
    • Tire Cornering Stiffness -
      • calculating
      • changing during a run to simulate blowout
    • Polygon Friction Zones
      • What are they and how to use
    • CCI - Center of Collision Interface
      • What is it and when and how to use
    • Tractor Trailer collisions
      • Setting up inputs
      • Analyzing collisions involving tractor trailers
      • Off-tracking - using m-smac to quickly analyze and evaluate
      • Trailer release option - what is it and when and how to use
    • SMACO - simplified occupant kinematics
      • How to quickly create demonstrative evidence of the probable path of occupants
      • Animate and/or create graphics, space-fixed and vehicle-fixed
      • You can create diagrams as in SAE 2002-01-0536 in minutes!
    • m-smac Creating time history data graphs of any variable.
      • Tips and techniques for presentation
      • smacthp - Determining Speed Change at any occupant location in a vehicle
        • How to use smacthp
        • How to plot acceleration, PDOF time-history plots for any location on the vehicle
        • How to determine Impact speed change (DeltaV) for any position on the vehicle
    • Steer Degree of Freedom
      • What is it? When and how to use
      • Approximating self-aligning torque
    • Path Follower/Driver Model -
      • Use to quickly approximate steer required to follow a path
      • When and how to use
    • Animations of m-smac simulation/reconstructions
      • How to quickly create animations
      • Tips on using/presenting for meetings/trials
      • Adding more than 3 vehicles to the animation
      • Creating Lightwave files with m-smac for high end state-of-the-art animations
    • Creating 'what' if scenarios with m-smac
      • Bracketing, sensitivities, conservative estimates
  • Other Topics
    • Wet pavement - Hydroplaning, Hydrodynamic Drag effects
    • ABS
    • lane change maneuvers
    • Pole/Tree Collisions
    • What is new? Discussions of new developments, SMACITER, and more!

Please email any suggestions:

    Times: Mon - Weds 9:00 AM - 12 PM, 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

  • We welcome any questions, comments, corrections or requests for further information.
  • We can be reached by e-mail at
  • By postal service mail at:
McHenry Software, Inc.
PO Box 1716
Cary, NC 27512USA

Thank you for your interest in McHenry Software, Inc.

Before considering the purchase and use of any collision reconstruction software you should obtain complete information on any and all programs available. For that reason you will find our web sites and technical reports include many links and references to other collision reconstruction programs. Your choice should be an informed decision based on knowledge of the state-of-the-art of collision reconstruction software.

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