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Flash demos

The following are some screen capture animations of Medit32 in use. These animation captures are recorded at partial-screen size, so they show up better in your browser.  You would normally run Medit32 as a 'full-screen  window', and have even more screen real estate available to work with.   Please see the Help system for more information on any of the topics presented below. 

Videos with voice-over instructions :

Using the graphic edit screen - widgets, etc.

Editing vehicle hardpoints in graphic edit


NOTE: These animations do not have any audio 

  • The Grid - Editing table headers
  • Charts - Showing the interaction between the Grid ( SI5 file data entry ) and the charting tool. 
  • Charts - This demo shows how to work with your customized presets in the Charting tool - adding fields, saving presets, etc.
  • Graphic Edit -adding a scene to a project 
  • Graphic edit - Using the control keys ( Shift / Ctl / Alt ) in combination with the arrow  keys in the text boxes to control parameter / placement scrolling from the keyboard, without having to enter numbers manually 
  • Graphic Edit - Working with hardpoint placement on vehicles and barrier display 
  • Graphic EditZooming in for precision placement, using both the text boxes and the Widgets for placement to 0.1 " 
  • Graphic EditUsing the graphic placement Widgets
  • Graphic Edit - Another example of using the Zoom, scaled grid, and Widgets for easy intuitive accurate placement 'by eye'

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