Barrier Option

m-smac includes the provision for including interaction between V1 and a user defined barrier. The inputs for the barrier option are entered on Cards 27, 28 and 29.  This option was initially created to permit secondary contacts by a vehicle with a barrier or other object. This should not be used for high speed barrier impacts.

For monitoring the acceleration at arbitrary locations for an m-smac run, please see the smacthp program (See the Tools menu in m-edit).

Important Notes/limitation of the m-smac Barrier Option

1)  The barrier option includes the provision for interaction of m-smac vehicle No.1 and Vehicle No. 2. with the barrier.  The 12 points for vehicle one are specified on card(s) 29, seq 1-3, the points for vehicle 2 are specified on card(s) 29, seq 4-6.

2)  The barrier specified must reside entirely in one quadrant and interactions between the barrier and vehicle can only occur in one quadrant. Also points for the barrier cannot include points on the axes (where a quadrant is ambiguously defined).


Card 27 - Barrier Option

Card 28 - Barrier Option

Card 29 - Barrier Option