Card 93 - Outputs for CVS/ATB,Lightwave













Card:  Field




Original Units

Metric Units




Optional Outputs for CVS/ATB or Lightwave






Optional Output of Time History in CVS/ATB or Lightwave format.

= 1, Output Veh#1 Positions & Orientations.          (T,X1,Y1,Z1,Yaw1,Pitch1,Roll1)

= 2, Output Veh#2 Positions & Orientations.


= 3, Output Veh#1 Space-Fixed Linear & Angular Velocities.                 

= 4, Output Veh#2 Space-Fixed Linear & Angular Velocities.                 

=5, Output Vehicle#1 position & orientation in Lightwave 5.6 IWS format for insertion into a Lightwave scene data file.

=6, Output Vehicle#21 position & orientation in Lightwave 5.6 IWS format for insertion into a Lightwave scene data file.

Note: The outputs are written to DSN.CVS where DSN is the prefix Dataset name for your smac run. The dataset can be checked from your m-edit View menu.

Please note that the CVS/ATB has a 100 point limit for inputs, this option will create as many points as you specify by the start time (Field 2 below), the end time (Field 3 below) and the current print interval (Card 1, field 6).

NOTE: CVS./ATB requires that the position start at 0.,0.,0., therefore at start time the outputs are zeroed and subsequent outputs are the change from the initial position/orientation.

The output units for CVS/ATB are inches or inches/second per the CVS/ATB input requirements.

The outputs for Lightwave are meters

Note: The outputs for Z, Pitch and Yaw are set to 0.0


=7, Option 7 creates veh1.Lws

=8, Option 8 creates veh2.Lws. 

Options 7 & 8  require file importVeh.Lws. After running smac, from Lightwave, Select Lightwace Menu Load -> Load Items From Scene -> Point to c:\msoft\run\veh1.lws or veh2.lws. Lightwave will ask whether you want to Load Lights? - Respond No. Lightwave then will indicate 'Can't find file car.Lwo, Select Alternate File?' Respond Yes and point to the vehicle object file you want to move per the object motion. Also note that you need to change the length of the Lightwave movie to include the number of frames from your msmac output to see all the object motion (# frames set in Lower Right Corner of Lightwave). The Lightwave output option is being currently enhanced so check web in next few days for some additional enhancements.







Start time for the CVS/ATB time history output.






End time for the CVS/ATB time history output.






Start time Frame number for Lightwave output.






Card 94 - Refined Collision Model Inputs