DISCUSSION: Bus Properties

The following are some bus properties contained in the literature:

From Reference 24, p96 - 98: SCHOOL BUS

Weight=23,400 lbs.,

Sprung Mass Ix=74310 lb-sec2-in, Iy=1022680 lb-sec2-in. Iz=1019490 lb-sec2-in

Sprung Mass A=150.3, B=94.7, CG Height=-48.4

TRf =80, TRr=72.8

OL ≅ 474, OW ≅ 90

From Reference 23, p96 - 98: 1966 GMC-PD 4107 Intercity Bus


Weight= 22633 lbs.,

Sprung Mass Ix=69900 lb-sec2-in , Iy=1108900 lb-sec2-in. Iz=1105500 lb-sec2-in

Sprung Mass A=172.5, B=87.49, CG Height=-48.4

TRf =79, TRr=66.5


Weight=29633 lbs, (7000 lb passenger & Cargo load)

Sprung Mass Ix=75770 lb-sec2-in , Iy=1404500 lb-sec2-in. Iz=1130000 lb-sec2-in

Sprung Mass A=160.8, B=99.2

TRf =79, TRr=66.5


Dual & Tandem Tire Options