Example - Print Interval Change


When using the smacthp or SMACO options, during the time of interest the print interval must be 0.001 seconds. However, if the impact point, which is normally the time of interest, is at T=1 or T=2 seconds, the program must run entirely at 0.001 seconds. It is for this situation that we added the print interval change option.

The following input file prints at 0.1 second intervals from the first 1.5 seconds, then switches to 0.001 seconds for the next 200 milliseconds and then completes the run in 0.10 second interval.

The inputs for Card 1, sequence 1 are as follows:

0.0     0.10    1.50    0.001   1.70    0.10    999.    0.10    1.0       1   1                                   


In medit, simply click on the and designate inputs  [Card 1, Sequence 1] and then input the above fields.



Initial Conditions