Example: Variable increment (VARINC) inputs

The Variable time inputs for the m-smac program are provided to reduce the input requirements of the program by allowing a minimum number of inputs for the driver control tables. To use the VARINC option on the previous option you need to do the following:

Set the VARINC option for the table = 1.0. This tells the program that the time increment inputs (field 1 of the tables) are significant and that Field 3 of the Table Header card indicates the number of Table entries to follow.

# Sample Input Table: RF lock and Rear engine braking, collision at 0.50 sec

# using the VARINC option input

0.5 0.60 2.00 0.0 1.0 1.0 8

0.50 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1 8

0.60 -1.00 0.0 -.20 -.20 2 8

The Header of the table indicates that the VARINC is being used (field 6=1.0) and that 2 table inputs are to follow (field3=2.0). Please note that the start time and end time for the table (filed 1 and 2) are superseded by the time increments on the table inputs. If there is a difference, the header card start and end times are ignored and the program sets them to the 1st and last input time for the table inputs (0.50 and 0.60).


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