Card 99 - Veh#3/Trailer Release Option

The ability to model the dynamics of a trailer which releases or detaches from Veh#1 can now be modeled in m-smac. The properties of the trailer after release are specified on Cards 50-60. Card 99 is used to specify the release time for the trailer. This option can also be used to model a separate 3rd vehicle. Simply set the release time to 0.0 (the beginning of the run)





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Trailer Release Option

The properties of the trailer should be defined on m-smac input cards 50-66.

Note that setting the time of release to 0.0 is required to model a 3 vehicle smac run.


Time Release

The Release time for the trailer from vehicle #3. The simulation runs normally up to the release time whereupon the trailer is released as a separate vehicle with properties as specified on m-smac input cards 50-66.

3rd vehicle simulation option: If the release time is set 0.0 sec, a 3rd vehicle as defined with m-smac input cards 50-66 is simulated.




Setting this option to 1.0 locks the secondary damage/collision interface as defined on card 98 to vehicle#1. This permits the simulation of two separate interfaces which interact between vehicle 1 and 2.



Simplified SMAC Object simulation option. Permits simulating the release of an object from a location on the vehicle and allowing the object to interact with the vehicle. This option is similar to the SMACO option of the smacan graphics program (See section on SMACO in the m-smac Graphics and Animation Manual). One difference is that the mass of the SMACO object interacts with the m-smac vehicle and can produce vehicular responses depending on the mass of the smaco object.

The inputs for SMACO are defined on m-smac cards 700 through 702.



Separate Interface Option: For 3 vehicle option; the interaction of veh2 with veh1 & veh3 was originally with 2 separate interfaces.

With the release of v99.1201 (build 06/15/00) the default is to use a single interface for vehicle #2 interaction with vehicle 1 and vehicle 3 (this allows a damaged region on veh#2 to strike the other vehicle). Set this option=2 or 1 to use a separate interface for the two impacts . Set this option=0 or 1 to use a single interface for the two impacts (the default).


DISCUSSION: Damage Measurements