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McHenry Software, Inc., and McHenry Consultants, Inc.  are companies formed by Brian G. McHenry and Raymond R. McHenry.   Ray McHenry invented computer applications HVOSM, SMAC, and CRASH, among others which have been utilized extensively for the past 40+ years in the field of highway safety for vehicle simulation and accident reconstruction helping to improve vehicle and highway safety. Ray & Brian have over 50 years of McHenry Highway Safety Publications.  For a brief overview of our research please see A Short History of Nearly Everything! (…about McHenry and Computers in Highway Safety)

McHenry Consultants, Inc. ( MCI) is a consulting engineering company formed in 1980 which specializes in the investigation and reconstruction of highway accidents and has included the development, refinement and utilization of computer programs.

McHenry Software, Inc. (MSI) was formed in 1994 with the explicit intent to create, distribute and support accident reconstruction and vehicle simulation software.

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