Why consider msmac3D

As a crash investigators and reconstructionists you need tools:

  • tools to help you measure, document, photograph and memorialize a crash.
  • tools to help you analyze that data to reconstruct the crash and create visual demonstrative evidence.

Software which use simplified momentum and software which does simple damage analysis techniques are great tools which can help you to quickly get a preliminary result and initial approximation of “what happened” in a crash.

However, it is extremely important that you test and refine any and all conclusions.

Our software, msmac3D, is that tool. It merges two powerful programs for crash reconstruction and vehicle dynamics:

  • msmac3D includes the SMAC simulation model to simulate the crash:
    • SMAC is unique in that it simultaneously models the forces and moments of the collision as they occur while also modeling the tire forces and moments.
    • Much more sophisticated and objectively accurate than any ‘instantaneous momentum exchange‘ program:
      • We model the crushing of the vehicle every milisecond for the duration of the collision so it predicts the area and magnitudes of the damage while also modeling the trajectory movements of the vehicle.
    • It is analogous to running a mathematical full scale crash test
  • msmac3D also includes HVOSM program to further enhance SMAC and make it 3D this programs provide vehicle dynamics before, during and after the collision interaction.
  • msmac3D also includes great 3D graphics which can import scene measurements (whether clouds, DXF, google maps, etc), and many other auxiliary tools to help you evaluate, analyze and illustrate the reconstruction. We have our combine 99 years of experience in the filed included in the scientific integrity, ease of interface and graphics capabilities.
  • Other recent additions:

Please consider adding msmac3D to your crash reconstruction and vehicle dynamics toolchest.

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Here’s a sample of some of the many projects we have done with msmac3D and you can easily do these type projects too!  Consider adding msmac3D to your collision reconstruction toolchest!