The Algorithms of CRASH

By Brian G. McHenry

©McHenry Software, Inc.

McHenry Software in conjunction with Southeast Accident Reconstruction Society & Dippel Consulting Co., Inc.made a presentation at the 2001 Southeast Coast Collision Conference on August 8, 2001 in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  

The title of the presentation was The Algorithms of CRASH

ABSTRACT: The CRASH computer program was first created by Raymond R. McHenry and Calspan in the early 1970’s to assist SMAC users in determining a first estimate of impact speeds. The original CRASH program utilized both piecewise-linear trajectory solution procedures and a damage analysis procedure to provide an initial estimate. The algorithms used in the original CRASH program (and subsequently used in all CRASH clones (e.g., EDCRASH, WIN CRASH, SMASH, etc.) for both damage analysis and trajectory analysis will be presented in detail. Proposals for needed extensions and refinements for CRASH will also be presented and discussed.

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