New 2017 Spiral Jump: Jaguar E-Pace Roll out includes McHenry Spiral Jump designed with msmac3D


The following are some sample simulations created in the past decade which utilized the msmac3D program in conjunction with 3rd party graphics programs (Lightwave, Maya, etc).

1998msmac3D reconstruction of Princess Diana collision as broadcast on CBS News

2002 msmac3D utilizing our own wireform graphics to illustrate an off road excursion

2002 msmac3D simulation of Jeep Rollover  prepared for the Discovery Channel

2011 msmac3Dsimulation of PU truck rollover


1972 Spiral Jump wireform computer graphics                                         1973 Spiral Jump Auto Stunt with Handheld

For more information on the Spiral Jump Stunt see the McHenry Software Forum topic:
 Questions on the James Bond Stunt

The following are some some examples of applications of the Automatic Iteration of SMAC (SMACITER)
The SMACITER program starts with CRASH or other momentum solution results and then automatically iterates the mSMAC program to determine the speeds at impact.
For additional information see paper
SMAC-2003: The Automatic Iteration of SMAC