m-smac Input Manual

Simulation Program control

Initial Conditions

Dimensional and Inertial Properties

Tire Properties

DISCUSSION: Cornering Stiffness

DISCUSSION: Moment of Inertia

Braking/Tractive Force Tables

Steer Tables

Terrain Friction Coefficients

DISCUSSION: Friction decrement with speed

Collision Model, Crush Properties

DISCUSSION: Collision Model Inputs

Impulsive Constraint "Snag"


DISCUSSION: Pole Impacts

Articulated Vehicle Option

DISCUSSION: Articulated Vehicle Option

DISCUSSION: Bus Properties

Dual & Tandem Tire Options

Steer Degree-of-Freedom

Barrier Option

Polygon Friction Zone Option

Cornering Stiffness Tables

TIRMU Tables

3rd Vehicle Option

DISCUSSION: Damage Measurements

Damage Measurements, POI & POR Targets

SMAC/EDSMAC Compatibility Options

DISCUSSION: Side-Slaps & Secondary Collisions

Impact Configuration SetIND Option

Optional Center of Collision Interface (CCI)

Gravitational Forces Simulation

Driver Model/Path Following Option

End of Input, Misc. Options

DISCUSSION: Pedestrian and Occupant Trajectories


Appendix A:CRASH3 Table 8-1 (ref 28)


Error Codes